Unwanted surprise

So now I get a Friend Request from someone I knew in Chicago who ceremoniously dumped me as a friend 16 years ago and who hasn’t spoken to me ever since. Not one phone call in all that time, nothing.

You’ve gotta wonder what’s going through people’s heads sometimes.

Not to mention, back in December 2000 I lent him $180 so he could pay his past-due phone bill and keep his phone service from being disconnected, and he never paid me back. Not one cent.

He’s got a lot of ‘splaining to do, which he can do via sending me a private message.

I did not accept the request.


James, as usual, worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week. And I was there all three days. But did I get to interact with him, even once? Nope.

Only good luck I had today was that this afternoon’s downpour stopped just in time for me to walk the six blocks from McDonald’s to the Library and catch the 2 pm concert. I really did not want to miss this one. It was singer/songwriter/guitarist Diana Chittester. Ever since I discovered her two years ago after moving back to town, she’s been one of my favorite local performers.

The concert was the only good thing that happened to me today.