Moving soon.

Still living at the motel as of now. We’ll be here through this coming Monday at least, and likely for an additional week after that.

Keinya wasn’t upfront with me about this, but I found out that she and Steven got evicted. Officially: there was a court judgment against them for not having paid rent for April and May — landlord wouldn’t accept partial rent — and they were supposed to be out by May 17.

As far as I can piece together, landlord would’ve let them stay if they paid back rent plus June rent early. But yesterday Keinya told me, via phone, that she tried to negotiate with him to make needed repairs to the property, as well as exterminate, and he flatly refused on both counts. And last month when our basement flooded, he wouldn’t even return her calls. Slumlord. So she decided not to pay any more rent (at $1600/month, the rent is exorbitant) and just move out instead.

So now they’re looking for another rental in the same general area, Lindsay (who has cancer) will be coming along with them, and she said I was welcome too. I told her that as long as terms/price don’t change and I can remain month to month and not be on the lease, that I would go with them — for the time being, at least.

(As far as I know, the other housemates — Megan, Bryce, and Taylor — are on their own for a new place to live.)

When they find a new rental, they’ll be renting a moving truck, and we’ll have one day where the landlord will let us in and collect all our belongings. This is an issue I had been worrying about — I don’t have much in the house by way of material things, but I do have a laptop computer I left there, several treasured books, some clothes, and a number of important papers I need to keep. I’d been worrying about losing that stuff.

It’s up in the air right now as to when they’ll find a suitable place. So we’re still at the motel for the time being. I found out this motel has weekly rates… I’ll be paying for my own room for next week, and Keinya said this would count as June’s rent for me as the weekly rate is roughly the same as the monthly rent I’ve been paying.

I was very uneasy for a number of days — I don’t do well with uncertaintly — but now I’m feeling peace of mind again. I’m currently visualizing that they’ll decide on a place and location that I’ll be very happy with. A “Magnificent Outcome”.