Still at the motel.

Woke up with quite a bit of uncertainty this morning… hadn’t heard from Keinya… are we checking out today or staying until Monday?

After showering, dressing, and enjoying some continental breakfast downstairs, I called her on her cellphone.

It was nearly 9:30 by then, but she was still half asleep when she answered. She said we’re staying until Monday, and maybe a couple more days next week, she added.

“I’m confused,” I said.

That’s when she told me she wasn’t quite awake yet, and that she’d call me later.

She’s going out to the islands for work tomorrow… I thought she was going today (Friday) as usual; that’s why I’d wanted to catch her early, before she left.

I hope the possible “extra days” is because she’s staying out at the islands past Monday because of the holiday weekend… but I don’t know for sure that’s the reason.

I’m feeling very confused and insecure right now about my housing situation. Is there something she’s not being upfront with me about?

But I’m determined to think positive thoughts, and to imagine what Rhonda Byrne calls a “Magnificent Outcome” in her wonderful, inspiring books. I’m determined to feel (and know) that everything is working out for the very best.

I do love my motel room — it’s better than I’d expected — and I did want to stay a little longer. I love the privacy… I love sleeping in a real bed… I love having a bathroom to myself… I love the climate control… I love storing food in my very own mini-fridge and not having to worry about housemates pilfering… I love the decor of my room… wall color is light blue with textured paint, very similar to that of the apartment a block away where I used to live a long time ago… I love the cable TV… I love the continental breakfasts… I love the bathroom and shower and maid service… I could love living here indefinitely were money no object… so I’ll think about only the positive things about my situation.