Temporarily evicted.

Early this morning, when I was already awake but not ready to get out of bed, there was a knock on my door.

A minute or two later, Keinya was saying to me, “We have a tiny little problem.”

Turns out all of us had just one hour to vacate the premises. Keinya had already booked me a room at a motel down the street, and handed me the key card.

There’s some sort of a rent dispute, and landlord is changing the locks (which, as far as I know, is illegal). Keinya’s been late with the rent the past couple months, having only partial payments to offer, I think, because all the housemates except me were late with their rent, and Keinya didn’t have the funds available to cover the difference.

So now Landlord wants June rent early… and it can’t happen until at least Friday. Lindsay has cancer and is on chemo treatments, and there’s some sort of rent assistance program for which he qualifies that will take care of this emergency, but funds will not be available until Friday. If/when rent is paid, landlord will provide us with the new keys.

Keinya booked my room until Monday, just in case. If funds don’t come through Friday, she’ll have them herself after Sunday night when she gets paid.

So I’m staying in a motel room for the next four to seven days.

Like all the other crap that’s hit the fan the last few years, I’ve decided to treat this as an adventure. A “vacation”, if you will.

There are good points: I’ll be sleeping in a real bed for a change, not a leaky air mattress. And there’s cable TV which we currently don’t have, and a continental breakfast included in the price of the room. And last but not least, a bathroom all to myself… no waiting!

I don’t have to pay for the room anyway. Keinya is covering it — putting it on a credit card is my guess.

More details to follow, when I’m able to write more.


Had a very magical conversation with James at McDonald’s yesterday — just like I had envisioned. Again, more details to follow.