Rap Star Wannabe

I arrived at Chipotle for an early lunch at around 11:00 am, shortly after they opened for the day. And, as luck would have it…

… he was there! Working his shift. And recognized me and spoke to me briefly at the front counter while I was getting my food. Very friendly. He remarked that I must be “the best McDonald’s customer ever” which made me smile just a bit. So he really has noticed me hanging out there.

Three seconds of magic. This is the first time he’s ever spoken to me.

Now I’m feeling terrible for all the mean things I’ve thought about him… that he was “trash” and a “loser”… all that. He’s not really a bad young man at all… just a little bit mixed up, perhaps. But aren’t most of us at one time or another?

And he is kinda cute and I do have this sort of crush on him. So maybe I don’t have to feel contempt for him anymore. Maybe we can be friends… or even…

Now that Christmas season has begun, and I’m seeing holiday decorations and lights and hearing the music everywhere, it’s dredging up all kinds of mixed feelings and making me a little sad and remorseful. All the peace on earth and good will to men stuff. It’s making me realize what an awful, hateful person I’ve been… how I’ve passed judgment on so many people based strictly on appearances… and now I almost feel like crying. Maybe I can resolve to do better this season, and in the coming year. To really try and love people. Maybe it can be an early New Year’s resolution.


I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Carl for so long that I’m starting to forget about him. I’m not at all happy about that.