Not exactly what I meant!

I really, really wanted to interact with James. He’s in college and so only works at McDonald’s three days a week — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — which are my only chances. I’d had no luck this past Friday or Saturday.

So today I really, really wanted him to be working the front counter when I walked in and ordered. But alas, he was not.

And wouldn’t you know it — Vince put him on front counter just a few minutes afterward!

Boy, was I steamed! “I want to interact with James!” I demanded of the Universe.

I had just received my drink cup — was still waiting for my Southwest Salad — so I walked up to the drink station. Right at that moment, the door to the employee area opened in my direction — it’s adjacent to the drink station for some retarded reason — and James came out, nearly colliding with me!

“Oh… Sorry, sir,” he said.

Sometimes the Universe really has a warped sense of humor.