Quick Update

Knock, knock, knock! Knock, knock, knock, knock!

It was very early in the morning. I was still in bed. I was wearing earplugs and thought the knocking was on the door to the bathroom, which is right next to my room. So at first I ignored it. But it continued.

I got out of bed and went to the door. It was Lindsay (formerly referred to in these pages as “The Guy” who sleeps in the living room, but now I know his name).

“Hey Dan, the cable guy is here to hook up the TV in your room!”

Bleary eyed, I checked the time on my phone. It was barely 8:00 am. I usually don’t get up until after 9. I wish I had been informed of this appointment in advance, but for some reason I never was. Caught me totally by surprise.

Long story short, now we have cable again. Which means I have my 40+ music stations back, which is what I think I missed most of all.

I don’t have word on whether that came with DVR and/or wifi. I’ll check later.

In other news, the exterminator is also coming today to treat the house for bedbugs. Keinya only informed me of that late this morning when I was on my way out the front door.

Killing two birds with one stone… I had become unhappy here in this house, and was contemplating moving within the next couple months, but if things start looking up, maybe I’ll stick around awhile.

Lindsay had also told me the landlord was coming by tomorrow “to inspect the house”. But when I asked Keinya what that was about, she said she cancelled it until next week. Landlord can wait. Too much going on all at once.

The inspection won’t affect me anyway, as I found out. Landlord doesn’t even need to enter my room. The inspection is about a hole that has developed in the attic part of the house (where Dave, Charnette and Cydney live) and squirrels have made their way inside the walls. Landlord is going to have to fix that.