Stalking Mr. Wright, er, Right

Can’t seem to bump into him anywhere these days. It’s frustrating me. Crushes are hard.


Still no cable TV, DVR, or wifi at home… but a seemingly endless supply of bedbugs.

A couple weeks ago, Keinya bug-bombed and powdered the entire house — my room included — but the bugs, although disappearing everywhere else, seem to have all migrated to my room… the problem became worse for me almost immediately.

Maybe it was because I forgot to close my windows, which were wide open, that day? Rooms are supposed to be sealed during treatment.

I treat the best I can on my own using isopropyl alcohol, which does help, but it only goes so far.

I’m suffering from sleep deficit and feeling frustrated. I dread going home every night and wait until as late as possible. I don’t enjoy being there anymore. I want to move out. I think I’m going to start looking again soon.


I need to take a deep breath, practice some gratitude and count my blessings. Here are a couple recent ones:

* Free pizza yesterday! Plus free chicken tenders. A promotional offering from a new pizza and chicken place opening up in town. The place will officially open for business tomorrow. For three days prior, starting at 5:00 pm sharp, they’ve been giving away pizzas to the first 100 people who walked in the door each day. Any selection from their menu that you wanted. I opted for a “Create Your Own” that would’ve cost me $19 had it not been free. It was good pizza… although the antacids were being consumed in full force later that evening!

* A library concert today given by a local opera company. One hour of operatic musical selections spanning five centuries. I enjoyed it immensely and was even moved at times.