Today’s gratuitous picture of my cousin Scott.

Came across some of our banter from a number of years ago on my Facebook’s “On This Day” memories page recently… I miss you, friend.


Latest news I heard about my housemate John is that he wants to stay on at the house and start paying rent. I saw him pass through the living/dining rooms briefly the other evening when I was downstairs having a drink and watching TV with Keinya, Steve, and “the guy” whose name I don’t know, but he didn’t acknowledge me and we didn’t speak.

Talked to our mutual friend Jim on the phone one evening last week. Jim had run into John at the supermarket where he works, got caught up on some of the “drama”, and John said to him, “Tell Andrew I feel bad.”

I wish John would tell me that himself, directly. I’m still pissed at him for giving me bedbugs and for taking away the cable TV and wifi that’s supposed to be included in the rent I pay.

They have local TV downstairs in the living room now because someone bought one of those digital converter boxes that have been the law since 2010. I don’t have anything in my room, however, so my TV set is still dark every night. I’m missing the music stations more than anything.

Back to John: Jim was under the impression that John had already moved out. He had phoned me to see if I could keep an eye out and look for the gray carpet cleaner John had borrowed from him. Jim said something about maybe coming by and picking it up, and that he and I could go out to dinner at that time. Which would be nice as I haven’t seen him in quite awhile, even though he lives only a mile down the street.

But when I arrived home that night, I asked Keinya and that’s when she told me John had changed his mind about staying.

And that’s all I know. Does this mean the two of them have patched things up? I’m not sure.