Many blessings.

So late last night, sitting in my bedroom sans TV or internet, but with bedbugs hiding all around me, I got into a funk, feeling like my life was absolutely hopeless.

And then I decided to try some gratitude, as per all these Law of Attraction books I’ve been reading lately.

I set myself a very modest goal: Try finding five things from today’s events that I could feel grateful about. And if not five, just try finding three.

Well, I started a running list in my mind, saying “Thank you” three times for each one… and by the time I finished, I had way over ten!

The Lebanese meal I enjoyed at Aladdin’s Eatery… the milder, less humid weather and the long walk I took… feeding sparrows popcorn in the park…

Then I started feeling grateful for having a roof over my head… for my own private room… for electricity… for hot and cold running water… for my phone… the list went on.

By the time I was done, I felt much better and far more positive.


Just a few minutes ago in the Library, a cute young guy, who had been using one of the computers with a young woman who was with him, got up to leave with her and I glanced briefly at him as he walked past — and he smiled at me!

Count that among today’s blessings.