Turmoil and discord.

I arrived home late last night only to be told that there was no cable nor wifi. Keinya had told John he should split the cost with her for the exterminator, and he didn’t like this and, in retaliation apparently, had those services shut off. (The account was in his name.)

Keinya told me she was about to evict him. The problems go beyond the bedbug situation. Apparently they had some kind of arrangement whereby, instead of paying rent directly to her, he would have all the utilities in his name and be responsible for paying them every month. But allegedly, the bills were not being paid and he was pocketing the money. At some point the electricity was almost shut off. It appears he was able to live at the house rent free for a full four months.

Keinya said that at some point she contacted the supermarket where he was working as a manager, and they paid some of his bills for him. Which I really didn’t understand. Are there companies out there that do that?

John, who had returned to the house yesterday after staying with a friend for awhile, came to my room at some point and said he needed to remove the cable receiver plus remote plus wiring. I asked him what was going on — hoping to engage him in some dialogue whereby he might enlighten me with a different take on events if he had one — but he wouldn’t talk to me, saying only, “I’m moving out.”

Later, out in the hallway outside my room, I overheard Keinya really ripping into him in a loud, angry voice, saying he was “immature” and “retarded”. As for money she felt he still owed, she demanded it by this Friday. I overheard a protest on John’s part, but didn’t fully pick up what was said.

Keinya thinks John is “shady”. Is this really true? Is he really just a user?

I remember that when I was first moving in, John’s and my mutual friend Jim S., whom I’ve known since before John was born, told me John liked to go out with older men (presumably our age?) and let them spend money on him, treating him to dinner and other things. (Not in exchange for sex, though.) I really didn’t think much about it at the time, except for thinking, well, it won’t be me, because I’m flat broke.

John appears to be absolutely clueless that he’s done anything wrong. Is he possibly a sociopath? Or is there another, legitimate side to this story that I’m not getting, that for some reason or other he refuses to share?

Recently I’ve started not caring, but earlier on I was hoping John and I would become good friends, and found myself wondering why it never really materialized, why we didn’t really seem to click. After all, we’re both gay and we do have a couple friends in common, so I thought it only natural that we should become friends. But now I’m thinking that, if John really is this kind of person, maybe it’s a blessing that it never really materialized. If I had gotten to the point of regarding John as a good friend, and he’d turned out to be a user, I might’ve gotten hurt. Maybe the Universe had my back on this all along.

All last night, whenever I’d wake up from some interesting dream or other, and recall this real-life situation, I found myself feeling stunned… like I’m going through a life upheaval. I really wasn’t expecting this.