Crappy week. Carl, again.

This morning I hiked up to the McDonald’s in my old neighborhood, the one that’s not so close to where I’m living now. (I wanted to be close to the library for this afternoon’s movie.) Carl came in while I was there, and this time he completely ignored me. He chatted a bit with his old manager and coworkers, got a bite to eat, wolfed it down as he usually does, and quickly left. I noticed he had his skateboard with him today. We’re currently snow and ice free and have been enjoying some unseasonably mild weather.

I was a bit miffed at being ignored after that magical exchange with him last Monday, but perhaps it was partly due to my having a negative vibe going on that I just couldn’t shake.

After Monday’s being magical, the rest of the week wasn’t so great. I’m having major problems with the air mattress in my room — from a state of being almost fully inflated, it now deflates so quickly that my back hits the floor within an hour, two at the most. It’s the valve — it’s not seating right, and I can’t stop it from noticeably leaking air. It’s been beyond frustrating.

As a result, I had four nearly sleepless nights in a row. Friday night was particularly bad, and not helped any by my housemates having a very loud party downstairs that lasted until well past 3 in the morning. In the meantime, I was constantly trying and trying to reinflate the mattress using that very noisy air thingie, cursing a blue streak and slamming doors at times.

I was finally saved from myself by my housemate John — in his room down the hall and not part of the loud party downstairs — who gently knocked on my door at one point, and offered me a couple pieces of “stuffing” that look like they were once the innards of some piece of upholstery or other. He told me to put them underneath so I could have some padding between myself and the hard floor. Although I’m sure he did this as much for him as for me — I was probably keeping him awake — I did appreciate it.

A couple days earlier, I ran into John in the kitchen and we enjoyed a really nice conversation, probably the longest one we’ve had since I moved in more than two months ago. He suggested that I should look into purchasing a futon mattress — something which had already crossed my mind — for about $40 to $60 or thereabouts. He also suggested maybe our mutual friend Jim S. could give me a ride to the store to pick it up as it’d probably be too big, heavy, and bulky to cart home on the bus.

(John himself doesn’t drive at this point. Otherwise I’m sure he would’ve offered to take me himself.)

I would’ve gotten right on that errand, except that that night Keinya (Amber) stopped at my bedroom door when she heard I was having trouble and told me she has another mattress stored away that I could use. It was in the basement, however, and she’d retrieve it for me the next day, asking that I just “deal with” the faulty air mattress for one more night.

Only thing is, that was four nights ago, and she hasn’t gotten around to getting it out yet. I gently reminded her about it the following evening, and she replied, almost snapping at me, that it would have to wait until later that night because she’d just gotten home from work and needed to eat dinner and all that.

Which turned into a three-hour party with some of the other housemates, and, although I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. in anticipation, Keinya never came upstairs with the mattress… so I finally just went to bed.

I absolutely hate when people promise me something and then never get around to doing what they say they’re going to do… I put up with that from my friend John for a full fifteen months… he was going to clean up all the junk in the house, fix up the spare bedroom for me, blah blah blah… none of which ever came to pass.

So that’s why I got into such a state that I was cursing loudly and slamming doors and driving my (current) housemate John nuts… because now I’m not only mad at the situation, I’m feeling pretty pissed with Keinya as well.

I guess I’m just going to have to assume she’s never going to get around to it, and just go shopping for something new to sleep on.

Last night (Saturday) the house was very quiet all night, and I slept on the foam stuffing pieces John gave me, and got my first decent night’s sleep since Monday. Only thing was, I woke up with a backache… something new to worry about… but fortunately a hot shower seemed to cure the ailment.


More housemate news: Jacqui and Steven, and their little girl, moved out a couple weeks ago. Apparently the couple broke up. Now Keinya’s friend Dave — the guy I mistakenly thought was her husband when I looked at the place — and his wife have taken over their space in the attic. I had suspected they had already moved in well before this, however, as the family (they have a daughter, too) was always here night and day, and I avoided using the front door when leaving the house every day because one or more of them were always sleeping in the living room. So at one time this four-bedroom duplex had at least ten people living here! No wonder I had trouble getting into the bathroom!

I haven’t decided for sure, but I’m now thinking I’ll just stay here a little longer — ’til Spring or so — and then look for other living arrangements. At least that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. We’ll see if I feel differently as time goes by.

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  1. I think the futon mattress is a smart choice. The mattress out of the basement might be musty. I know exactly how uncomfortable sleeping on an air mattress that won’t hold air can be. The first few days I was in my apartment, I slept on a pile of clothes. NOT comfortable! The air mattress I bought is holding up good and I only paid twelve dollars for it on clearance, so maybe just another one would be good. I have learned not to fill it completely,, that tends to make something split. I am just flying through here as I have to get to bed, but wanted to check in. Thanks for the info on the book you are reading, it sounds like something I would be interested in. I will check it out! Hope you have found some kind of comfort. It does cloud your world when you do not have even the basics covered, like having a bad headache only worse.

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