Surprise chance encounter (or, Lucky 13)

I’ve found Carl! He’s working at Boston Market now. In the kitchen — again.

Happened to eat there this afternoon. I thought that guy in the black uniform coming and going from the back kitchen area looked strikingly like him — but I wasn’t sure.

Spent my entire meal glancing over there every time he came out — but I was sitting all the way in the corner by the window, and from that distance, and with my poor eyesight, I couldn’t tell for sure.

But then I heard him speak to one of his coworkers — and he does have that very distinctive voice which I love.

At the end of my meal, I walked to the restroom in the back, hoping to cross paths with him. After I got to the restroom, I realized I had just missed him as he walked across the dining room, telling his coworkers he was going outside for a smoke.

I saw my opportunity. I went back to my table and hastily collected my phone and pill container, put on my jacket, and walked out, where I found him at the corner of the building.

He actually nodded first, offering me a subtle, barely perceptible greeting. Thankfully I forgot my shyness and struck up a conversation with him… a real conversation that lasted the entire length of his cigarette.

I’ve been noticed! By a guy I’ve crushed on for a year who I thought barely knew I existed. I’m on Cloud Nine.

And he paid me a compliment. “I like your glasses,” he said. “I think they’re cool.” (These coke bottles?)

Of course, I couldn’t help but notice, with some chagrin, that he mentioned his girlfriend in the same sentence, noting that her glasses are of a style similar to mine.

But of course, I had already linked him to a woman — one who lives with him — due to the internet stalking, er, research, I’d already previously done. So I wasn’t completely surprised.

And yet — I know there are quite a few “straight” guys out there — guys with girlfriends, even wives — who are bi-curious and might even fool around on the side, given the right circumstances. I myself have hooked up with a few of them in the past. Dare I hope…?

But this encounter has only strengthened my belief in the Law of Attraction, as I had been thinking very intensely about Carl the past few days, and putting out a specific intention to meet up with him again. So I count today’s encounter as a genuine manifestation.

Where to take it from here? Well, for a start, I think I’m going to have to eat at Boston Market more often.

At the very least, I can feel confident that I don’t look as unattractive in these thick glasses as I thought I did. Perhaps, on the strength of Carl’s compliment, I can turn it around and feel really sexy and desirable wearing them. If nothing else ever happens between us, at least he’s given me that gift.

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  1. Interesting! I do believe in the power of attraction as well as setting your vibrations high to attract positive things.

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