An uneventful Christmas Day.

All I did was get together with John for an hour for Christmas dinner at Boston Market. Except for texting a couple days earlier making plans for the outing, I hadn’t seen or talked to him since I moved out December 7 and returned his keys that evening.

I ended up paying for both of us. Although John’s income is about four to five times my own, he was flat broke for some reason. Oh, well.

John brought me a few pieces of mail that had still been delivered to me at the old address, plus a bag of some underwear I had inadvertently left behind in his linen closet.

I’m so grateful the outing lasted only an hour, after which John left while I remained and lingered over my iced tea. I’m finding I really don’t enjoy spending time with him anymore, even though I hadn’t seen him for eighteen days. Gah.

Back at the new house, Amber’s friend Dave was visiting with his family and he had cooked turkey and ham, and there were also pies and candy and other assorted goodies around. Amber invited me to help myself, which I thought I might do later in the evening when I got hungry again, but then found I really didn’t feel like it. I just stayed holed up in my room, watching TV. I didn’t feel like socializing.

Today it was 62 or 63 degrees, and what had remained of last week’s snow and ice had pretty much disappeared. But it was windy, and even rainy at times, and although I took a nice long walk and managed to dodge the rain, I found I wasn’t at all in a good mood. Blah.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.