I did attend the library’s Poetry Workshop Tuesday night, and it turned out that instead of each of us composing a Sestina of our own, we collaborated on one as a group effort, so it was much easier. There were six of us total, and we churned one out in just over an hour.

It’s going to be put on display somewhere in the library, with each of our names included as coauthors. So it appears I’ll be enjoying fifteen minutes of local fame!


I’m liking living at my new place, although with seven (temporarily eight) people around, a few awkward situations have come up. All of us share just one bathroom, for example, so I really have to be mindful not to take too long in there.

And, on both Thursday and Friday mornings, I overheard fights between Amber and her husband Steve. Fortunately for me, I was in my room when those occurred, so I just hunkered down a little longer before venturing into the rest of the house, to stay out of the crossfire.

It was just verbal stuff, yelling plus some door slamming. I hope it never gets physical.

But it was kind of personal, and I’d rather they not know I overheard. For example, Thursday morning Amber was yelling at her husband, “All you want me for is your clothes and your meals. You don’t even fuck me anymore!” Awkward.

I’m still dealing with an air mattress that deflates all too quickly. Amber said she tried the other one she had, and it was even worse — she couldn’t even blow the thing up.


I haven’t talked to John since I moved in, except for that evening when he met me at the library and I returned the keys. His conversation had been annoying me so much that I feel like it’s a vacation.

He and I are, however, planning to have dinner at a local family restaurant on Christmas Day. Except for that little nod to the holiday, I’m not really celebrating.


We’ve been having bitter cold this past week, plus a snowstorm that dumped about eight inches where I live. So I’ve been staying pretty close to home. Until today. Now temps are above freezing, so I ventured out and hiked to my old familiar “Poor Man’s Starbucks”, a.k.a. the McDonald’s near where I used to live, early this morning (I got there before 10:00) just so I could have a shot at maybe running into Carl there. Not a chance. He wasn’t there. I sat at the table across from the front counter that allows me a good view into the kitchen, and I kept peering in, but never saw nor heard him. Now I’m really wondering what’s up. Carl always used to be there weekend mornings, at least until 11:00, but today he was nowhere to be found. I’m bummed.