Finally met my cute gay housemate.

I finally met John this past Sunday morning, when I was getting ready to leave for the day, came down the stairway from my bedroom, and there he was in the dining room. He was cordial and said Hello, we introduced ourselves, I mentioned we had a mutual friend in common (Jim S.), he asked me how long I had known Jim, and we chatted a bit in the kitchen about his job at a supermarket all the way over on the opposite side of town, and his long commute. That was all.

Last night after I arrived home, he knocked on my door. He was on the phone with the cable company, and had to check out some serial number on my set. Cable guy had been at the house that day to replace receiver boxes due to some issues they’d been having. It still wasn’t quite working right when I turned on the set that night, but while John was on the phone with them, reception finally kicked in.

So… I had a cute young guy in my bedroom, for the first time in oh, so many years! I suppose it still counts… heh.

John is taller than I’d imagined… and looked a bit older than his photos I peeked at on Facebook… and was polite and soft spoken… and not “queeny” at all, which for some reason I’d imagined him to be… and I haven’t yet seen a trace of the sarcasm I’d been warned about. (I suppose that will come in time, though.)

Otherwise, things are going fairly well at the new house, although with seven people living there, I’ve had some adjustments to make. I still have issues with a leaky air mattress — Amber has not yet replaced it with the other one she has — and sharing a kitchen and bathroom has led to a few minor issues that so far I’ve kept quiet about… someone pilfered a piece of the cheese I’d bought and stored in the fridge… no big deal… and my bar of Ivory soap was mysteriously missing from the shower stall yesterday, although today it had mysteriously returned… and the place is messy sometimes, although things do get cleaned and straightened up, eventually… and the noise level in the house is going to take some getting used to. I hope things work out… but if they don’t, I’m free to move again… not tied to anything long term here.


I’ll be attending a Poetry Workshop at the library this evening. We’ll be learning about a poetic form dating back to 12th-century France called the Sestina, and then we’ll take a stab at writing one… although I looked it up online yesterday, read a little about it and viewed some examples, and the form seems hard! Not for beginners. I haven’t written much poetry, but I have composed a few things.

I can’t deny that I’m sort of doing this to impress Patrick… he and I talked at length about this workshop, and the Sestina, yesterday evening. I felt fine with approaching him about it as he’d mentioned the event while introducing Saturday evening’s movie; and he also was the one who wrote a brief article about the workshop for the library page of a local newspaper.

I’m thinking that if I can write poetry, this’ll give Patrick and me something in common.

I do have a regret about where I moved — it’s further from the library than where I’d been living, and quite a long trek, especially now that the weather is turning snowy and cold. I’m worried I’ll not go some days, now that I have wi-fi at home, and that I’ll see Patrick less often.

My new address is also much further from the McDonald’s where I was hanging out — a different McDonald’s is actually closer — I haven’t seen Carl since well before Thanksgiving, and even though I made the trek the past two days, haven’t seen him again. I’m wondering if I ever will. I’m wondering if he either had his shift changed, or if he quit and got another job, or even if he decided to move back to Michigan. I just don’t know.

I suppose I could just ask one of his coworkers, but then they’d wonder why a customer is so interested, and gossip might ensue. I want to avoid attracting any of that sort of attention to myself.

Purely by chance, I happened upon a Facebook video posted by another McDonald’s employee, titled “Lunch Break”, and Carl does appear in the video for just a few seconds, and flashes that killer smile of his. Sigh.

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  1. I can see I will have to get the Internet at home to keep up with you! I have to get going but will check in . . . probably once a day when I’m at McDonald’s. So glad you are in your new place! Sounds great.

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