No sleep.

I spent the night learning the intricacies of the air mattress.

I’d had no prior experience with them… and thought something was just not right.

It wasn’t. Thing leaked so much air I found myself lying on the hard floor with no padding… but with a bubble to my left and a bubble to my right.

Talked to Amber this morning. She didn’t know the thing leaked. No problem, though. She said she has another one and it will be set up in my room by the end of the day today.

I need to keep repeating to myself: It’s all an adventure, it’s all an adventure…


Hung out with Amber and her husband Steve in the living room this morning. Had some great conversation. Good times.

I also got acquainted with their rather rambunctious five-month-old dog, Blanche. She took to me right away. I think I have a new best friend.

They also have a six-year-old cat named Schizo. Also very friendly, but much less hyper.


Met the other woman living in the house last night. Her name’s Jackie. Very nice person. She helped me early this morning when I was clueless about how to use the device that pumps more air into the mattress.

Apparently she lives there with her boyfriend and they do have a little one. So there’s one child in the house after all. They live in the attic.

Haven’t met John L. yet. I think he has the back bedroom just down the hall from me. The door is always closed. I think I’ve heard music and/or TV wafting from the room at times.

Met some young Hispanic dude this morning, in the kitchen while I was having jasmine tea. After he left the room, I asked Amber, “Does he live here too?” She replied No, but his girlfriend just kicked him out and Amber is letting him stay in their basement for awhile. She said she can’t stand to see someone in a bad situation and not help, especially during the holidays.

“And it means good karma for me,” she added.

“Don’t you know it,” I replied.


This morning I had my first hot shower in nearly fifteen months. Even though I was a bit uneasy navigating the tiny, dimly-lit shower stall without my glasses on, it felt great!


Looks like I got out of John’s freezing Little House of Horrors just in the nick of time. The weather all of a sudden is turning evil. It went from “mild cold” to bitter cold (subfreezing temps and a wind chill 12 degrees last I checked!) and there’s a bit of snow flying around here and there. Significant snow accumulations are expected this weekend.