The latest news

The tentative plan to move in with Jim and Larry fell through. This morning, Jim texted me that Larry’s sister is getting divorced and might move in with them for awhile. Larry didn’t want me to move in and then have to move out again right away.

I totally understand. When you have rooms to spare, family comes first.

So it looks like I’ll be moving into Amber’s place. She and I just talked a few minutes ago… we were supposed to get everything finalized today but she had a funeral to go to that took longer than she thought it would, so we’re going to do everything tomorrow.

I gave her info so she could run a customary background check. Then tomorrow she’ll pick me up at my soon-to-be former home, cart my belongings to my new place, and I’ll pay her one month’s rent plus the security deposit, get the keys, and the room will be mine! I’m antsy and restless, of course, but it’s a generally good feeling. I’m getting excited!

She even brought me a little TV she had at her East Side house, and will set it up in my room so I can watch cable. I’m so grateful she did this… it was so unexpected!

So to start off with, I’ll have an air mattress, chair, table, and TV in my room. Very basic, but a good start. After living amid unbelievable clutter for so long, I’m rather looking forward to a minimalist ambiance.


Last night when I got home, I actually had a pleasant time with John. I arrived to find him at the bottom of the stairway putting up Christmas decorations on the door and in the little window. They look really nice and I was happy to see it. He can be so domestic and create a warm, homey environment when he puts his mind to it.

Surprised, I complimented him on the decorations, and he said he was doing it to try to get into the holiday spirit, which he isn’t just yet. He said that this year had basically sucked — Bob’s death, his sister Anna’s death, things not working out with the guy in Australia — then asked me if I had any plans for the holiday. I told him I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. We decided we’d just have dinner at My Friends Restaurant, a local diner that’s open every day of the year. Good enough for me.

I hung out in the stairwell with him until he was done, and this was when I finally told him I was planning on moving out, perhaps within just a couple days. He took the news well… very matter-of-factly, in fact. His arm has improved enough so that he doesn’t depend on me to do anything for him. And I reassured him that I’ll be just down the road, and if he ever again needs anyone around during the day to let a plumber in or whatever, that as long as I still have daytime hours free I’d still come over and do it for him so he doesn’t have to take a day off work to be there. He appreciated that.


Can’t wait to meet my new gay housemate, John L. Last night Jim, of course, “warned” me about him… said John has a tendency to have a rather “sarcastic” sense of humor. Amber backed that up when I mentioned it to her earlier… but said he’s a good guy, and that he’s hardly ever home.

When I was younger I often found myself annoyed and intimidated by people like that… but now that I’m older I’m sure I can handle it better. I do try my best to just take people as they come.