And… the plot thickens.

Thinking about taking this room — I have to give her an answer tomorrow morning — I’m starting to get all jittery, worrying about possible scams and such. I played Private Investigator this afternoon, trying to find out about my prospective landlords… and one thing I found out, via real estate transaction records, that is making me jittery is that the woman who showed me the place, and her husband, are not the owners of the house. Apparently they’re tenants who are subletting extra rooms in their dwelling, and I have no idea whether their landlord is on board with all this or not.

I don’t even know their last name, so I couldn’t find out anything specific about these people. I’m just trying to make sure that everything’s on the up and up.

But, through Googling the address and checking recent voting records, I did manage to track down one of the other tenants who would be my housemate. I found out his name — John — he’s 30 years old… and when I looked him up on Facebook I found him right away, and, to my surprise, my friend Jim S. is a mutual friend!

Jim S. is gay, this John guy, from his pics and what posts of his I could read, appears gay as all get out… so he must be the gay guy living there whom Amber told me about yesterday! (He’s a cute guy, too.)

Now… What to do, what to do? I thought it was a very good sign that I was able to pin down another tenant, and the thought occurred to me to PM him and find out if he was still living there and if my moving in was a good thing to do. But then I thought… maybe I shouldn’t, he doesn’t know me and it might come across as too forward and intrusive.

So I phoned Jim instead. He said that, as far as he knew, John still lived at the house. And he gave me a bit of “the scoop” of what this John guy is like. But here’s where the plot thickens…

Jim said there’s a spare room at the house where he lives, and I might be able to move into it, although he’d have to talk it over with his housemate, Larry, who is the owner of the house, first. I told him the rent at the place I’m considering is $450, all utilities included, even cable and wi-fi, and Jim thinks he could get me a better deal at his place — he thinks Larry would let me have it for $300.

Which is the price I wanted — and thought was prudent — in the first place!

So now Jim is contacting Larry as I type this, and is asking him. Jim says he might not reach Larry until 11:30 tonight, but that he should be able to give me an answer by tomorrow morning.

Jim and Larry live in Cleveland’s official “gayborhood”, such as it is. About another mile further in from the house I looked at yesterday. Either location would work equally well for me.

Life is getting interesting.