People have no idea what they’re reading.

Excerpt from my ad:

Hi, I’m a mature male who needs a furnished room to rent ASAP…

I’m looking to pay no more than $300/month, but could stretch to $400 if all utilities are included.

Text exchange from today:

TEXTER: Hello are you still looking for a place to rent?

ME: Where is it? What’s the rent?

TEXTER: Exactly what you are looking for. OK, do I text you a link that contains details and pictures of what I have for you?

ME: Yes, please text me the link.

[Texter sends link to his ad.]

[I open link — ad comes up for a two-bedroom house, for $600 a month. Plus utilities, no doubt. I had asked for a furnished room at $300 or no more than $400 inclusive.]

Gah! Can’t people read?


I do have a tentative appointment for early this evening to see a room for rent just about a mile down the road from where I currently live. The dwelling is a house — half of a side-by-side duplex. The woman’s name is Amber and she sounds agreeable. She said that if I move in, there would be four people total living in the place. She knows I don’t currently work, but she said that if I pass a quick credit check and/or background check that she’ll do on her computer, and can immediately put down one month’s rent plus a deposit, the place is mine and I could move in right away. She said the room is currently unfurnished, but that she has a few basic pieces that she could move into it for me. That’s all I need, really.

She is asking for $50 a month more than my specified rent ceiling, but maybe I can stretch. That extra $50 would include cable and wi-fi. She’s willing to work with me at the beginning. She also said she might be able to set me up with a part-time job, doing restaurant work. I have no experience with restaurant work, but maybe it could be an adventure.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am hoping all goes well. I’m also asking the Universe, if this just wouldn’t be the right move for me, to block it from happening. We’ll see what transpires.