My latest news

After sifting through craigslist ads offering rooms/shares for rent, and finding people too picky, today I sat down and composed a “Looking for a furnished room” ad of my own, and published it.

I received four responses in the first two hours! But, on close examination, that’s not as good as it sounds. Some people, apparently, have absolutely no idea what they’re reading. For example, I had designated a very specific price ceiling, and two of the ads offered me something way beyond my upper price limit.

But I’ll keep at it. I’ll keep reposting the ad every few days, just to make sure it stays front and center.

I really need to get out of John’s place as soon as I can. The cold weather is arriving within the next two weeks, and I don’t want to live in a freezing cold house.

Besides which, John is acting somewhat funky again. I think he’s depressed… he hasn’t said a word to me in several days now, he goes to sleep early and often, and he made a couple of really cryptic Facebook posts a few days ago that make it sound like something is wrong… and he hasn’t posted anything on Facebook since then.

I think it has at least partly to do with things not working out with that guy in Australia… and John is not terribly good at just letting something go and moving on, alas.