Double Whammy.

Two things set to occur on Saturday: (1) John arrives home; and (2) our unusually nice November weather starts to turn evil. I’m dreading both things.

I hope John doesn’t bitch at me for having located and pulled out the one remaining space heater, and actually using the thing. I’ve been running it 10 to 14 hours most days, and have been mostly able to keep the indoor temperature in the 60-to-64-degree range, except for a few nights where it fell to 58 or 59.

I’m thinking John might bitch because he’d let it get considerably colder in here before running it. Too bad — he’s not here to stop me, and so I’ll do what I want. If he complains about his next electric bill, maybe I can just throw a little money at him and hopefully he’ll shut up.

I’ve wanted to go out and seriously look for a new place to live… but I got sidetracked by all this mild weather. It made me want to just take it easy, take long walks every day, and enjoy this time before it vanishes. Didn’t want to taint it with any actual “work” of any kind.

But if John lets the house get too cold, I will decidedly step up my efforts until I find something and move.

Just looking for a share right now… can’t afford my own place at the moment… but hopefully I’ll at least find someone saner than John, and hopefully I’ll have my own room with the privacy it affords, reasonably comfortable indoor temperatures, both hot and cold running water, and maybe just a bit of space in a working refrigerator.

That’s really all I ask, and all I need right now.

On Thanksgiving Day, we’re going to have dinner at a nice restaurant just across the road from the airport. We’ll be joined by three women, none of whom I have ever met, so it ought to be interesting. Hopefully I can keep my social anxiety under control. John is insisting on picking up the check for everyone — a move I think he should not make, but of course it’s his call.

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  1. And I’ve been debating whether or not to turn on our heat here if it drops below 70 in here…I am freezing at 70! (of course, stupidly I am barefoot and in shorts and a tank top)…time to get my winter clothes out of storage I suppose.

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