A couple nights ago while channel surfing, I came across this TV station called “Laff”. It had a bunch of old sitcoms on… four consecutive episodes of Roseanne, followed by two episodes of Cybill… I’d always thought Cybill was an underrated show, and really wanted to watch those, but I kept dozing off, only just barely noticing the theme song.

When I woke up, “Ellen” was on… Ellen DeGeneres’ old sitcom from the late ’90s! What a surprise… I hadn’t seen any of those in years!

The episodes playing were from the last couple seasons, after Ellen’s character came out as gay and started dating women.

She had broken up with her girlfriend and took a trip with her two friends to some Women’s Fair or other… where the Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan were performing. Anyway, at one scene they were at a restaurant, and Ellen didn’t realize their waitress was so flirting with her… until her overly perky friend Audrey pointed it out.

It was like a revelation to my tired old self. “Don’t be afraid to flirt!” was the message I got from that. And I resolved to make it my motto.


Is it considered “gay” or “flirting” if a guy compliments another guy on his clothing? Do straight guys ever even do that? Last night I noticed Patrick was wearing a bright red sweater — had never seen him in that color before — and I told him, “That’s a nice sweater… I like the color.”

“Thank you!” he replied, smiling.

I avoided using a “flirty” tone of voice — not very good at doing that anyway — but I’m wondering if just the gesture of what I said to him counts as flirting… and did he pick up on that?


I also remarked that I noticed Patrick was growing a beard, and asked him if it was because he was observing “No Shave November”. “I’m not,” he replied, “although that is definitely a very good cause.”

He then explained, somewhat implausibly, that it was because he “doesn’t have time” to shave.


I also asked him to look up the moonrise time for Cleveland for the following day (today), as I wanted to be outside to see the “Super Moon” that’s not going to be this big or this close again until 2034.

He did, and then I wondered out loud where I would find an open space to view the moon just as it was rising above the horizon. He suggested Lakewood Park, which of course should have occurred to me.

Well, I went there early this evening, and there was a decent-sized little crowd of people at the viewing point, where you get an unobstructed view of downtown Cleveland to the east, all there for the same reason, some with tripods set up… but no luck. There was just simply too much cloud cover here, and the best that could be viewed was a small hint of orange light in the sky where the huge full moon should have been… and even that didn’t last very long. Many of the people started leaving, and I did too.

Oh well, if I’m not doing anything in 2034, I’ll try again.


Went directly to the library from the park, just in time for my remaining two computer sessions for the day. Patrick was working the Technology Center, and I stopped and chatted with him briefly about my lack of success viewing the Super Moon.

Awhile later, some absolutely drop-dead gorgeous young guy decides to sit right next to me and use the computer adjacent to mine. He was so breathtakingly hot I couldn’t concentrate — and couldn’t stop myself from glancing over at him!

Fortunately for me, he didn’t stay long… so I was able to return to the business at hand.

Why do I still, at my great age, catch my breath over such hot young guys? I know from many years’ experience that they’re not necessarily the best in bed… but I want them anyway. Sigh…