New information

I found out today that Carl, my McDonald’s crush, is 30. I had him pegged at around age 25 or so.

So Carl is 30… and Patrick will be 30 in a few months… both are somewhat older than I had imagined.

I wish Carl would at least make eye contact with me once in a while. Give me something I can use! Something on which to build.

Some kid there waited on me today… he looked (and sounded) like he was all of 12. (!) Are they hiring them younger and younger?

The Bickerson Sisters were both there today, doing what they do best whenever they’re together: bickering and quarreling. If you ask me, they’re both crazy as loons.

It was like watching live theater. Who needs television?

1 thought on “New information”

  1. Oh those Bickerson Sisters! It does sound like something a Seinfeld episode could be built around. 🙂 Hmmmmmm thirty seems to be the age huh? Interesting. Me, I like them older, like ten years older than me, but the older I get the less appealing that seems LOL. The scariest thing about the younger kid is that he drove to work most likely. I see that on the road often, people who look pre-pubescent actually driving and it does not give me a good feeling. I suppose the older we get the younger they look . . . hahaha.

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