Listen to your inner voice.

Stopped in the library on my way to Boston Market this morning, just to return a book in the Book Drop. Saw that Patrick was on duty at the Circulation desk. I noticed — with great pleasure — that he saw me and craned his neck from where he was stationed to get a better look at me so he could nod Hello.

What a surprise! I’m enjoying the attention. It’s very hard for me not to read anything into that!

I didn’t stick around, however. Immediately after depositing my book in the Book Drop, I left and went to Boston Market a few blocks away for an early lunch as I had a coupon for a dollar off.

But then the thought occurred to me: I needed to follow up on why I’m not getting my texts when books are due… Everything was working fine until September when my card was set to expire and was renewed for another year. The thought occurred to me that, if I’m not receiving those reminder texts, I’m probably not going to receive other texts as well — a problem since I had requested a book from the interlibrary loan.

So after lunch, I walked back to the library, stopped at the front desk and talked to Patrick. Another opportunity to interact with him — and I had library business to take care of, which gave me an excuse. He looked at my account on his computer and told me everything should be working fine, at their end, anyway. He said the problem might be at the end of the company that handles all their automatic texts. He asked if I’d like to switch to email notifications instead, and I said OK. We’ll see how that works.

He also noticed that the book I had requested via interlibrary loan was in… and walked to the back room and got it for me. Sure enough, I hadn’t received a text for that like I should have.

The book had already been sitting there for two days, and they only hold it for five — and if you don’t pick it up within five days, they send it back.

So it was good that I listened to my “inner voice”, which was nagging me to walk back and check! Otherwise this book might’ve come and gone without my even knowing it. Plus I got to see and talk to Patrick again.

Always listen to your inner voice. It always knows when and how you should take action. It’s when I ignore that voice that I run into difficulties. Sometimes I’m not listening for it the way I should.


I’ve noticed, over the past week or so, that Patrick’s growing a beard. I didn’t think anything of it until I read something online about November being “No Shave Month”. Here’s what I found out about it online:

The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.

I wonder if Patrick is participating in that… or if it’s just coincidence?


I’m thinking that the beautiful, unbelievably-priced “poshtel” I discovered online the other day is out of the question. I did some looking at bus schedules online, and the one bus I can take to and from there which would connect me to downtown and thus, the West Side, without going through “the ghetto”, stops running outbound around 6:00 pm weekdays, and has no service at all on weekends. Later than that, and I’d have to rely on public transit going through very bad neighborhoods. Way too constricting. My personal safety takes priority.

I’m going to try and find something on my side of town, preferably very close to where I live now.

I am so missing Chicago right now. Cleveland’s bus service sucks even worse than it used to — they’ve made so many cuts over the years, and nearly decimated some lines — and, going carless, I have to be extremely careful about where I end up living. I have to make sure I’ll be able to get around without too much hardship. Especially during the cold, snowy winter months.


John will be home in only eight days! How the time has just flown by. I’m dreading it.

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  1. Enjoy those eight days! I hope you find the right thing for yourself soon. I really can’t wait to be on my own either. I know we will each find something that works. I am glad you got your book, and glad that you did listen to your inner voice. It was right! 😉

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