What a surreal month November has been.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series… a rather cocky, impetuous business entrepreneur with no political experience has won the Presidential election… and I’m exchanging gay secrets online with a woman with whom I used to roller skate in my teenage years, and briefly thought of dating in those days, even though I was crushing on her older brother… I could not have imagined back then how things would turn out.

Life is so strange.


I’m starting to look for a new place to live in earnest… not only reading ads on craigslist, but printing out promising ones with the intention of inquiring. I found something interesting yesterday… I didn’t know Cleveland had a second hostel, in this case actually a “poshtel” — very elegantly appointed, but available at low hostel rates… the ad I found said they rent by the month, and the price is unbelievable at only $380… sure, it’s dormitory-style living, four to a room, but heck, I’m currently sleeping in the living room with John, while two bedrooms go unused and unusable due to being crammed to the gills with, er, “stuff”. At least I’d have hot and cold running water — could take hot showers again! — proper heat, plus a kitchen I could use: refrigerator, stove, plates and utensils, etc. And all in very upscale surroundings.

I looked at the online photos and was blown away. There is only one snag, however. I don’t like the location.

It’s on the opposite side of town, near University Circle with all the museums, but north of there, in the “ghetto”, quite literally.

And quite a long trek from where I am now… How could I hang out at the library and see Patrick? See, this is what’s on my mind… heh.

Still, I’m wondering if I should call and inquire… and see if I’d be able to stay there for maybe three or four months… One thing I know for sure: I can’t spend another winter in this unheated house.

Now, off I go to do more research.