Had a nice online chat tonight!

It was Jim B’s (first boy I loved) sister Cathy! She’s a Facebook friend and she messaged me on the site’s Chat feature. A few days ago I had made a rather cryptic post about last week’s “magical exchange” with Patrick, and she wanted to know more.

Mystery solved: Yes, she is gay. For sure. And we talked about our adult lives — mind you, I haven’t seen or talked to her since we were both in our teens — about being gay, accepting ourselves, coming out to family and others, and so forth.

I was pleased to hear that after she married her girlfriend awhile back, even her mom was happy for her… which is significant because her mom (who passed away a few years ago) was a fundamentalist Christian, a real “holy roller”.

I very carefully asked her a few personal questions — which I had felt too uncomfortable to do before — and she readily opened up to me! I’m glad.

There was so much crap between her brother Jim and me, back in the day — I was the cause of much of it, I’ll admit — and sometimes back then even Cathy didn’t seem to like me much at times… but all that was more than 38 years ago, and is ancient history now.

I’m glad I got to have this chat with her.

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