What a nail biter.

I never watch sports on TV… if a game happens to be on, it’s usually like an electronic sleeping pill for me… but last night’s final World Series game had me on the edge of my chair.

Cleveland Indians… Chicago Cubs… two teams that hadn’t won anything in ages… and both were cities I’ve lived in for extended periods of time, both feeling like “home”…

Tied 6-6 at the end of the ninth inning… then a bit of a rain delay before the start of the tenth… What a cliffhanger!

Final score: Cubs 8, Cleveland 6. Although I had said, half jokingly, that I didn’t know who to root for, and that “my” team would win no matter what, deep down I really, really, really wanted Cleveland to win this one.

But it was not to be.

Clevelanders can be very proud of their team. Although the Indians eventually lost to the Cubs, they didn’t make it easy for them to win. They made them work, and work hard, for it.

After that very late game ending, I was too wound up to sleep and was insomniac until well past 2:30 in the morning.

I can’t believe I’m talking sports here. This must be a first. As everyone knows, The Baron simply is not into sports.

Maybe I’m changing…?

3 thoughts on “What a nail biter.”

  1. I do realize we are talking two different sports btw although I am not really into sports either . . . but I do get caught up in them every so often.

  2. And it’s just plain fun . . . exciting even. It’s one of those things like watching Seinfeld . . . a little break from every day life. Entertainment of the best kind, which stirs up emotion and excitement. I love seeing how excited everyone gets over it all. It’s fun to get caught up in it. Never say never . . . it’s great to be open to different things. Who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow, and that makes life interesting.

  3. I get into sports every once in awhile. I loved watching the Broncos when I was in Denver. And hey, it gives you some talking points with Patrick eh? I am so glad for you to have some time to kick back and enjoy that freedom of being on your own for awhile and able to enjoy those simple things. I feel the same way when the Lions play the Colts, having been in Indiana all those years. Who to root for? I tend to go for the home team, wherever I am.

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