Month: November 2016


Oops. Looks like I read the arrival time for the wrong Air Canada flight from Toronto. According to his Facebook post, John just arrived in Toronto a few minutes ago (it is now 5:15 pm) and has four hours to kill before he boards the flight for the final leg of his return trip. Of …

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Double Whammy.

Two things set to occur on Saturday: (1) John arrives home; and (2) our unusually nice November weather starts to turn evil. I’m dreading both things. I hope John doesn’t bitch at me for having located and pulled out the one remaining space heater, and actually using the thing. I’ve been running it 10 to …

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A couple nights ago while channel surfing, I came across this TV station called “Laff”. It had a bunch of old sitcoms on… four consecutive episodes of Roseanne, followed by two episodes of Cybill… I’d always thought Cybill was an underrated show, and really wanted to watch those, but I kept dozing off, only just …

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Did some online checking on the East Side hostel I mentioned in my previous post… and it looks like the location might not be so bad after all. I’m going to inquire!