He’s gone!

On his way to Oz… a.k.a. Australia.

I caught him just in the nick of time before he left. I had left the house at 10 am, while he was still sleeping. I recalled he’d said he was leaving for the airport sometime after 3 pm, so at 2:30 I decided to head back to the house (ten-minute walk from McDonald’s where I had been hanging out, sipping iced tea and reading) to see him off, and also to see if he needed any help getting his luggage down the stairway, as his right arm is still in a sling. I thought it might be difficult for him to navigate both his luggage and close the upstairs door plus close and lock the downstairs door leading to the outside.

As I was climbing the stairs, suddenly the door opened and there was John, yelling “Boo!”

A very few minutes later, the Uber driver he had called for had arrived, and he was off.

I won’t see him again until November 19.


We’ve been having cold, windy, and rainy weather the past couple days… and as there is no heat in the house, and no space heater out and running yet, the inside temperature slid to a chilly 53 degrees this morning.

Only way I can keep warm at night is to wrap myself in heavy blankets, really tight like a mummy, to trap that body heat in so it can’t dissipate. In addition to wearing a sweatshirt and socks to bed.

This afternoon, after John left, I checked the thermometer on the dining-room wall, and the temperature was now just shy of 56 degrees. I threw on all the lights in the house full blast — light bulbs do add heat — and got the indoor temperature all the way up to a balmy 57.

In the past few days before he left, John did not see fit to haul out the space heater from wherever it is and set it up. I was going to mention it to him, but then thought better of it. The past couple mornings I’ve been looking all over this beyond-messy house to see if I could find it — even peeked into both bedrooms — but could not.

Oh, well… According to the 14-day forecast, this is the coldest weather we’re going to have in all that time. Weather is supposed to turn milder starting tomorrow. Who knows what will happen in the nine days afterward while John is still gone, though? It is odd to get into the third week of November in these parts without at least some subfreezing temperatures, and possibly even some snow.

I decided I’ll just monitor the forecast closely… and if any cold snaps loom, I’ll just buy a small space heater myself and run it. I’ve been seeing some at Dollar General for $16. We need another one anyway, as the second one John had running in the bathroom last winter suddenly decided to conk out one day.

I’m aiming for the end of November now to find a room to rent somewhere, and get the heck out of here. Trouble is, I perused the rooms for rent on craigslist the other day, and they all seem to be the same ads I saw last month… and the month before that. So what’s up with this? Are these people really having so much trouble finding renters? Or are they just too picky?

I’m leaving it up to the Universe to provide the perfect solution with perfect timing.

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  1. Yay! You have your alone time at last. I’ve done the bundle up and deal with no heat thing myself. Hats are good, they keep in your body heat. The Habitat Restore might have some cheap space heaters. Being too cold and uncomfortable for too long at a time can wear on you. I do hope it stays warm enough for you. You deserve a little comfort. <3

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