Only 24 hours from now…

…and John will be gone. For a whopping 23 days. I’m looking forward to the peace.

In other news, the other evening, just by chance, I happened to find out my main crush’s last name. And since then, I’ve been doing some internet “snooping” (what did we ever do before Google?).

He’s a little older than I thought… he’ll be 30 in February.

And, I’ve linked him to a woman. Got her name as well. I don’t know absolutely, but it appears he knew her from his Boston days and she followed him here (or maybe the other way around). And it appears she bought a house several months ago and he just moved in with her within the past month or so.

Now, I’m not completely sure of the nature of the relationship. Are they a couple? Or just good friends? Apparently they’ve been collaborating on some creative projects together… designing CD covers and such. I need to do more thorough research. Trouble is, I’m doing it from the library computers, and, well, there are eyes watching.

I found out he got his degree in creative writing. Interesting.

I hope my “research” doesn’t sound too creepy to my gentle readers. Geez, my next career move — as I’ve stated before — should be to become a Private Investigator. If I could “stalk” people and get paid too…! Heh.

Anyway, I’m not sure where to go from here.