Looks like John got his jacket on all by himself this morning and didn’t need my help. The bad news, however, is that after he showered last night he needed my help wiping down his back and “good” arm with the towel. Yuck!

I think his doctors and physical therapist must have pointed out that the pain he gets when moving his “bad” arm and hand is normal and is not a sign that anything is wrong. Apparently they stressed that he’s just going to have to learn to move those body parts again and just work through whatever pain occurs. They did, of course, renew his prescription for pain meds and John says they do help.

It’s been raining here all day and I do dread tomorrow and Saturday, when temps will struggle to reach the low to mid-50s. The inside of the house was still a toasty 70 degrees when I left this morning, but that will start crashing with the more consistently chilly temperatures, especially during days like today where there simply is no sunshine out which tends to warm the house up.

My days, more or less, have acquired a certain sameness. I go out to eat in the late morning or early afternoon… then to McDonald’s for my unsweetened iced tea where I usually read for awhile… then off to the library to use the computers for internet and read some more… maybe taking a break at some point for snacks… then home again in the evenings. It’s not uncomfortable overall, but feels like a rut and I wish I had more of a life.