Brief exchange

I had just a brief “How’s it going?” exchange with Patrick this morning. I had staged it. I usually only see him here two or three evenings a week, but on a hunch I decided to stop in to the library this morning instead of waiting until midafternoon. I got there around 10:30 and there he was, working the Reference desk.

I didn’t go into that room as I didn’t want to be too obvious. I knew from past observation that when he’s there, he gets up and does a sort of “walkabout” every fifteen minutes or so, so I positioned myself in the aisle of the Adult Nonfiction section that is his usual route and perused some biographies on the shelves along that wall.

Sure enough, he came by before long. As I said above, all we did was exchange a “How’s it going?” greeting. He initiated it, although it seemed he had a bit of trouble getting the words out as his voice faltered. I thought it might be a bit of trepidation on his part about speaking to me after more than two full weeks… but on second thought, I think his throat just wasn’t clear enough to speak. That’s it — that’s what I’ve decided it was.


In other news, John started his physical therapy today. The therapists gave him an entire range of motions with his arm to work on. He sounds pretty confident that he’ll be able to zip up his jacket by himself very soon.

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