Update on John’s Broken Arm

He had his follow-up appointment today. The verdict: No surgery needed, but some physical therapy. In about three months he should be fully healed, but not “perfect”.

Still leaves me with some questions. He can do most things on his own now but still can’t use his right hand for much. On mornings when he wears a jacket to work, I have to hold it to help him into it and then zip up the zipper. I’m wondering how much longer it will be before he can do that for himself.

He’s leaving for his Australia trip in just nine days now and will be gone until late November. Although right now we’re enjoying some unseasonably warm weather (low 80s yesterday and today), pretty soon it’s going to be more consistently chilly, then downright cold, and he still does not have the gas turned on, so no heat in the house when it does turn cold, except for a space heater or two. I really, really, really do not want to keep living in that house if it’s going to be freezing cold inside; I already did that last winter and I don’t feel like going through it again. I want to move out ASAP, and have some money saved up towards that.

I was even thinking about finding a place and then going “stealth” with the move out while he’s gone.

But how can I, if he can’t completely dress himself? Looks like I might be stuck for awhile. And it’s bugging me.

Then again, what would he have done if I hadn’t been around and this happened?

All of a sudden, he’s more dependent on me than I am on him.

I don’t know what to do…

1 thought on “Update on John’s Broken Arm”

  1. He will have to find a way to care for himself. I am the same way, I struggle wanting to do the right thing. However, you have to look out for yourself first. He’s a grown up, he will figure it out. It sounds harsh, I know. I am just learning how to put me first. It feels selfish and scary sometimes but really you deserve to have the life you want. It is getting colder, and being without heat would be a rough thing. You could move out while he is gone, and let him know you are available if he does need some help. It has been an awkward situation for a long time. When I get my car, I am going to start loading boxes of my stuff into the trunk and back seat so when I do leave here it will just be a duffle bag and a suitcase to grab. I like things simple too. You are right, we do have a parallel existence right now. It helps me to know you are out there, doing what you have to do. I feel less alone. I appreciate your friendship so much. 🙂

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