I’m feeling OK today, although slightly weak — for which reason I suspect my blood pressure is still a bit on the low side. But it’s not like it was during the month of March 2013, when I was so weak I could barely stand in the shower, and when after showering I couldn’t even get dressed without taking a rest and sitting on the bed for awhile first.

No, so far I’ve been pretty functional today. John took off work today because he didn’t sleep well last night with the pain in his arm. The only thing I had to do for him today, so far, was go to the Burger King a mile away and pick him up some food that he requested. I got him the “Two Whopper Meals for $10” special, so I had to carry home, on foot, two Whopper sandwiches, two orders of fries, and two drinks. But I had one of those reusable shopping bags with me, which worked nicely, and although all that stuff was fairly heavy, I managed transporting it successfully.

John stopped in the Library and met Patrick the other night. My “gaydar” regarding him has never really told me anything one way or the other… but curiously, John told me he found Patrick to be “nellie”… rather effeminate. I had never viewed him that way at all, so this observation of John’s kind of surprised me.

The next night (Monday evening), Patrick was on duty in the Technology Center during some of my computer time. I spoke to him briefly a couple times, and it just seemed like he was a bit cool toward me. I could have been imagining things, of course. I asked John if he had said anything to Patrick about my having a crush on him, but John said No, their interaction was strictly professional. John said he thought Patrick might have “put two and two together” when checking the address on John’s State ID during the library card process, realized he and I lived together at the same address, and got a bit jealous. I would love it if that really were the case — it would mean he’s “interested” — but I’m not at all sure John’s assessment here is accurate. He’s often way off on a lot of things.