Month: October 2016


Looks like John got his jacket on all by himself this morning and didn’t need my help. The bad news, however, is that after he showered last night he needed my help wiping down his back and “good” arm with the towel. Yuck! I think his doctors and physical therapist must have pointed out that …

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Brief exchange

I had just a brief “How’s it going?” exchange with Patrick this morning. I had staged it. I usually only see him here two or three evenings a week, but on a hunch I decided to stop in to the library this morning instead of waiting until midafternoon. I got there around 10:30 and there …

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Have seen him three days in a row now, but we haven’t spoken. Saturday evening, he hosted the Lakewood Public Cinema movie. I had arrived early and, after selecting my seat, decided I’d better hit the restroom before the movie started. Walked right past him in the back of the room on my way out …

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