I was unable to locate any online death notice for John’s sister Anna. I had checked both Cleveland’s and the town where she lived in North Carolina. Last night John told me Anna is being cremated but there isn’t going to be any funeral right now. He said maybe in a year’s time there will be a private service (close family only) in honor of the one-year anniversary of her death.

He also said he wasn’t quite ready to talk about what happened yet… but will eventually. I assured him I won’t pressure him for details until he’s ready.

Although he did meet up with a couple of his old Navy buddies, he missed the Ship Reunion itself. Anna’s passing occurred on the morning of the reunion date, and John was so upset he just stayed in his hotel room all day.

What a shame — he’d been looking forward to that reunion for quite a long time.

He also shocked me with the news that he “has a boyfriend”, is “in love”, and is planning on “marrying” the guy. It’s not the guy in Australia he’s been corresponding with since last November — this is a different guy, also in Australia, that he just met online after he went on his trip.

I’m thinking: Why is he rushing into things?

Today was the first day he was supposed to return to work, but he took off for bereavement — he found out he gets three days total and they don’t expire — so he’ll use the other two days next year when the funeral service is finally held. He said today was going to be a “big day” because he was planning to meet up with another sister — one who is mentally “slow” — and try to explain to her what happened. At the time I left the house this morning, however — just before 10:30 — he wasn’t feeling too well due to sinus problems, was waiting for the medication he took to kick in and so was going to lie down for awhile longer before doing anything.

Oh, and bowling resumes for his league this Friday — so I’ll have one full evening every week where I can have the house to myself… Joy.