My roommate John’s sister, who was in the ICU. She just passed away yesterday, shortly after John arrived in Newport, Rhode Island for his Ship Reunion. She was either 70 years old or about to turn 70 sometime later this year.

It seems she had a clot which caused an aneurysm. Brain surgery was performed, but was apparently unsuccessful.

I hadn’t seen her in close to fourteen years. Last time was Christmas in 2002 when she and I were two of several guests at John’s place for dinner.

In recent years, she’s been retired and living in North Carolina near another sibling. She and John talked on the phone probably once a week, babbling away in both English and Hungarian. She was a big talker, just like John. Runs in the family, I suppose.

Although she was a bit quirky, I liked her. I’m feeling very saddened by her passing.