In just a few short weeks…

…my roommate’s landlord confronted me angrily at McDonald’s, the police stopped me on the street for disorderly conduct, and — I might not have heard this right — it’s possible that one of my crushes just got engaged to be married — to a woman.

And now my roommate’s oldest (and favorite) sibling is in the ICU and things look bad, like she might not pull through — and it’s all happening just while he’s on a ten-day vacation that he’s been looking forward to for months.

And a Facebook friend’s grandmother just died.

I don’t really believe in astrology… but when, oh when is Mercury going to get out of retrograde?

1 thought on “In just a few short weeks…”

  1. Oh my, I hope you are doing okay! Mercury retrograde ends September 21 or 22, so duck and hide for another week or so. It does sound like the doodoo is hitting the fan. I do believe that when a door closes another one will open but as my friend says it can be hell in the hallway. Something good is coming your way, I am sure of it. Hang in there.

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