Month: September 2016


I was unable to locate any online death notice for John’s sister Anna. I had checked both Cleveland’s and the town where she lived in North Carolina. Last night John told me Anna is being cremated but there isn’t going to be any funeral right now. He said maybe in a year’s time there will …

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My roommate John’s sister, who was in the ICU. She just passed away yesterday, shortly after John arrived in Newport, Rhode Island for his Ship Reunion. She was either 70 years old or about to turn 70 sometime later this year. It seems she had a clot which caused an aneurysm. Brain surgery was performed, …

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Maybe I was wrong?

She’s in the library’s Tech Center again right now — the young woman Patrick appeared to be with a few evenings ago — and she’s not wearing an engagement ring, or any other ring of any kind. So that’s a good sign, I suppose. I probably got it all wrong. Then again, I’m not entirely …

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