So John and I have been getting along better, talking a lot more, even went out to lunch this past Sunday where he picked up the bill.

And then yesterday, he leaves this contrary comment on one of my Facebook posts, just to start something… I ignored it and didn’t respond, but he had to start up about it as soon as I arrived home last night.

It’s a stupid argument anyway. I say that the suburban town we live in is predominantly liberal, and he insists it’s conservative.

Now here’s the thing: I can agree to disagree, or even engage in a polite, respectful argument where both points of view are stated… but as soon as I began to defend my position, offering up evidence for my point of view, he cut me off, saying, “Don’t be a douche.”

I’m sorry. You will not talk to me like that. You’re out of bounds.

I let the remark go and said nothing, of course, just wanting it to blow over like a passing storm.

But today I’m still stewing… John is such a control freak and I will not be controlled… I’ll have the opinions I have and that’s that… so, although I kept him as a Facebook friend, I am, for the foreseeable future, blocking him from seeing any of my posts.

I’m also going to just stay out as late as possible each evening, hoping he’s already asleep by the time I finally arrive home.


On another, slightly unrelated note, John is concerned about rather sternly worded correspondence his landlady has been leaving at the house, mostly about his housekeeping issues, and one of the things he worries about — even though they’ve known since January that I’m living here — is that maybe they don’t like my being here and he’s wondering if they can kick me out since I’m not on the lease.

He said he didn’t want to “harp” on the issue, but he did ask me if I’m planning to look for at least a part-time job sometime soon, because where would I go if his landlords did decide to get rid of me?

That’s when I revealed to him that I’ve been squirreling money away toward paying rent for a furnished room somewhere (I now have $1,000 saved but I didn’t reveal that) and that I’ve already started casually looking at rental ads. I said I was looking toward moving out of his place sometime soon.

But he says he wants me to stay at least until after his three-week trip to Australia this November… presumably to housesit while he’s gone.

I don’t know… I really would like to be out sooner.

If I can find a part-time job working only two full days a week making minimum wage, I’ll have enough to rent a modest room and, with my small pension continuing to come in, still chip away at my debts.

McDonald’s near me is hiring… maybe I should apply and tell them I can work weekends only and see if they bite… Thing is, I have medical issues and I’m not sure I can be on my feet all day, especially if there is bending and lifting involved, but maybe if it’s only two days a week I can handle it.

The rest of the week I could either continue goofing off… or else I can spend the time looking for a regular office job somewhere, which I would be better suited for.

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  1. Uncomfortable to say the least. is a great place to look for work. There are many places that hire part time and would not be so tough on you as McDonald’s. I think that would be a rough one but who knows, maybe a couple of days a week would not be bad.

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