Patrick… on a Friday!

I never see him at the library on Fridays… but this afternoon, there he was, working the desk in the reference room.

And, I looked something up on the catalog computers in the room, wondered about something, needed information, saw an opening, approached him, and enjoyed a rather lengthy exchange.

It ended up with my having him order a book for me through the interlibrary loan system — something I’ve never in my life done before — which meant his having to fill out an online form where I had to give him my name and phone number! (I hope he was paying attention.)

And in talking briefly about the Cleveland Public Library, where I have yet to visit and reobtain a library card since moving back last year, I had briefly referred to having just moved back from Chicago.

Later on, upon exiting the building — in front where tonight’s musical act was setting up for the Friday Night Porch Concert, he held the door open for me!

I feel like I’m on Cloud Nine whenever we interact and he gives me some attention. I like this guy! But I can’t make the mistakes I made with Matthew last year… I must be careful.


In other news, I spotted my other crush, Carl, leaving McDonald’s at the end of his shift this afternoon, jumping onto his skateboard outside, and taking off.

This man intrigues me. Why does he ride a skateboard to and from work? What else, if anything, does he have going on in his life? He’s somewhat older than a teenager, and doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who has to work in fast food because he has no better options… I just sense that he has more going on than that.

What is his story, I wonder?

He’s such a mystery. And I am fascinated.