Month: July 2016

Patrick… on a Friday!

I never see him at the library on Fridays… but this afternoon, there he was, working the desk in the reference room. And, I looked something up on the catalog computers in the room, wondered about something, needed information, saw an opening, approached him, and enjoyed a rather lengthy exchange. It ended up with my …

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I spotted him leaving a meeting with some colleagues while sitting here in the library’s Technology Center. Then, a few minutes later, I spotted him leaving the building wearing a backpack and his black skinny jeans. As I was still on the second floor and spotted him while looking down over the railing, though, I …

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An early morning surprise.

At McDonald’s this morning, Carl, my crush who has never taken note of me before, never even looked in my direction, actually smiled at me and greeted me! It made my day. I think I smiled and nodded back and said Hello or something, but who the hell knows. I was so taken by surprise.