A little Law of Attraction story.

I’m currently rereading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I read several years ago and really enjoyed, and also enjoyed the movie starring Julia Roberts. One event Ms. Gilbert tells about in the book which really caught my interest is where she’s going through a messy divorce that never seems to be resolved, her soon-to-be ex-husband is holding things up making all sorts of demands, and she just wants him to sign her proposed agreement and get it over with so she can move on with her life. She is driving across Kansas with a girlfriend while making a petition to God to grant her the husband’s agreement so she can put it all behind her.

Her girlfriend says, “I’ll sign the petition.”

During the rest of the long ride, both of them think of one person after another, both people they know and celebrities they’ve never met, and even some who are long dead, and they keep saying to each other, “So-and-So just signed it,” “St. Francis of Assisi just signed it,” etc., etc. Over the course of the ride they come up with dozens, maybe hundreds, of names.

Then suddenly, Ms. Gilbert’s cellphone rings. “Good news,” her attorney tells her, “Your husband just signed the agreement. It’s all over.”

Whether she realized it or not, Ms. Gilbert and her friend had employed the Law of Attraction.

I’ve been sweltering in that house where I’ve been staying, and John has been putting off and putting off installing the AC unit in the living room. He was going to last weekend, but then decided it was more important for him to spend his time sorting through piles and piles of old clothes that have been cluttering everything up. Even though temps in the 90s were forecast for that Sunday.

Anyway, a couple days ago I decided to put Ms. Gilbert’s exercise to the test. I petitioned the Universe to nudge John to install the AC unit this weekend. Then I spent an hour or so imagining every friend and acquaintance and family member I could think of, including many long-lost friends and even deceased ones, were signing the petition. By the time I was finished with that exercise, I felt really positive, as if my desire was a done deal.

I think that was on Thursday morning. Then, suddenly on Friday evening, John startled me by asking me to move all my stuff out of the path to the window on Saturday morning before I left the house as he was going to install the air conditioner first thing this weekend! And yesterday, sure enough, he did!

It worked!


And by the way, John has been much more civil to me all week, since that blowup last Sunday morning. I think it might’ve been because I had subtly hinted that our friendship might be on thin ice. But whatever the reason, things have been more peaceful at home now.

2 thoughts on “A little Law of Attraction story.”

  1. I have been using the Law of Attraction since reading the book years ago. It worked landing a teaching job in Las Vegas and most recently, finding a nice home for my family. Now I need to start thinking positive thoughts for my classroom. I’ve been so negative about it all. I need to change my thinking. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. The law of attraction works. Not all by itself, there has to be effort of some kind along with it, but it does work. Glad things are going better.

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