Feeling really out of sorts.

More than I have in a long time.

I don’t want to go into details, but I had a fight with the roommate this morning. He was acting really ugly and it pushed my buttons and caused me to flare up.

I’m thinking he’s resenting my staying at “his” house. I need to find another living situation — a better one — as soon as possible. It’s scary when you have no money, though. I’ve been looking at ads for rooms for rent this afternoon and I’m really overwhelmed right now.

I need to quiet my mind and trust that the Universe will come through for me with the ideal solution. But I’ve been feeling out of kilter all day. I don’t like this.

1 thought on “Feeling really out of sorts.”

  1. I feel for you! It WILL work out. I know how hard it is. Not that they are wonderful places but shelters can be a place to get a start on things. There is always that at the very worst but I hope something good comes your way soon. Hang in there. You could probably come here if you wanted with an air mattress on the floor. I know how it feels to feel as though you have nowhere to go so that is sincere.

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