More than one crush.

In my previous entry, I mentioned Carl, the McDonald’s guy. But there’s another one I have my eye on… a goodlooking young librarian named Patrick who is probably half my age or less. He and I have actually interacted a few times, and he always smiles and nods at me when we pass each other in the library. I even made him laugh once!

Again, I have no idea one way or the other about his orientation. All I know is I find him attractive.

I don’t believe he’s a native Clevelander. Sitting in the Reference Room reading some early evenings, I have caught snatches of conversation between him and a coworker. He’s currently living in Lakewood’s East End — he’s mentioned what street he’s on — but went to school in Boston. I don’t know if he’s from that area or not, though… he does have a bit of an accent that might be Eastern, but definitely not a thick “Pahk yuh cah” sort the way many native Bostonians talk.

I also know that he walks to work… he does not own a car or a TV… in fact, doesn’t appear to be much into material things at all. Very refreshing. I understand that quite a few of his generation (Millennials) are like that… as products of an environment of diminished economic opportunities, they’ve decided to be rich in experiences rather than “things”. I am a lot like that myself, especially nowadays, even though I’m from a completely different generation. Just call me the world’s oldest living Millennial… heh.

Anyway, I just know I like this guy. Lookswise, he’s of average height (maybe 5’10”), has dark hair, a pleasant face, and a build that’s more on the slight side. And now I’m fantasizing on at least hanging out with him… don’t know if there would be more than that, however.

I know… I should go for men closer to my own age… but they tend to be too old for me, heh. Besides which, some of my contemporaries — friends and former classmates — are already starting to die off. I want some younger friends who have a high likelihood of being around for a long time.

Hmmm… I was thinking I’d hightail it back to Chicago at the earliest possible opportunity, but maybe I’ll end up sticking around here for awhile. Chicago, for all its size and diversity, is surprisingly conformist, and I never felt like I totally “clicked” with those people… but here in Lakewood, I have a lot of leeway to be as weird and unconventional as I like, as so many others here are. Maybe a more bohemian lifestyle is going to be my near future?