I am truly amazed!

“Himself” actually did get up and start working on his beyond-messy house shortly after I left yesterday morning. He kept at it all day until late in the evening. When I came home after 9 p.m., there were several bags waiting by the door to be taken out to the garbage and recycling bins. I hauled them down the stairway and tossed them out.

Even more amazingly, he was in a surprisingly good mood after working hard all day on his day off.

Of course, he still has a long, long way to go, but he did get quite a bit done. The living room already looks noticeably lighter.


In other news, I have a new crush on someone who works at my local McDonald’s — a guy named Carl who hasn’t even been aware of my existence as far as I can tell. He works only in the kitchen and has never waited on me at the cash registers. I first noticed him one day out of uniform, wearing only a white T-shirt and jeans… I didn’t even realize he worked there until I overheard some of his conversation with some of the other crew members.

He’s definitely not a teenager like Matthew was. He’s probably in his 20s, maybe even early 30s. Nice looking, nice body, great voice with one of the more charming renditions of the Cleveland accent I’ve heard in my lifetime.

Until today, he hadn’t even noticed I exist. Whenever he’s coming or going, he’s very focused, looks straight ahead, doesn’t even glance at people he doesn’t know (me) nor does he make eye contact. I’m not even sure whether he’s gay or straight, but he kind of reminds me of gay guys I’ve known… in particular this one really hot, muscular guy named Ken who worked at my telecom in both Cleveland and Chicago, and who lived within blocks of me in both cities, yet never was even aware of my existence, even though I was well aware of his and even found out his first and last name.

But this past week, putting the Law of Attraction to the test, I’ve been — albeit rather weakly, so far — putting out an intention that Carl and I would interact with each other, with perhaps even some playfulness or flirting involved.

Well, today I just happened to walk into the restroom when he was in there checking out the stall to see that it was clean and properly stocked. As he exited, I blurted out, “All done?” and he replied that yes, he was, he’d just been checking.

So now there has been brief interaction between us, although no playful banter (or flirting) as yet. But it’s proof that the Law of Attraction is working… and maybe now he at least has some vague inkling that I exist.

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  1. Here’s to some good vibes happening with the new guy! I hope to hear some good news for you. 🙂 Thanks for your comment also. I do feel like the pressure is off and it’s time to start enjoying a more stable life. I grabbed for the golden ring one last time and caught it. Life is good.

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