The temps have been above normal for the most part for at least the past week or so. Lots of sun, only one downpour that I remember, and I’m somewhat sunburned on my more exposed areas — face, neck, arms — at the moment. I really need to get back on the fish oil capsules again… when I was taking them some years back, they — surprisingly, to me — functioned as a natural sunblock from the inside out. I could spend countless hours in the summer sun with no ill effects.

But anyway, the bigger heat story is inside the house. After enduring chilly indoor temps for months on end, with only a brief period of “just right” for a few weeks this Spring, now it’s hot as heck in Himself’s house — up to 86 degrees in the evenings, or even hotter… and rarely dropping below 78 to 80 degrees overnight.

I’ve been wearing a T-shirt drenched with cold water to bed each night… and it’s the only reason I’m sleeping at all.

Most of the windows don’t open for some reason, except for the one at the top of the stairway that leads into this second-floor unit. So we keep the hall door open all evening and night for whatever meager breeze might blow in.

“Himself” has an air conditioner or two — there was one in the living-room window, and working, when I first moved in last September, and it was very comfortable — but “Himself” hasn’t seen fit to take the trouble to retrieve it from whichever bedroom it’s stored in and install it for the summer. So nights indoors are 80 to 86 degrees, and Himself just snores away — giving the lie to his claim that he “can’t” sleep in rooms that are heated above 55 to 60 degrees… Harrumph!

So I spend as few waking hours inside the house as I possibly can… but heck, I was already doing that before this heat wave.

The only upside is that now I no longer balk at taking cold showers… in fact, now I welcome the ice-cold water on my skin. Oh, and there is one fan running, at least, in the doorway between the living room and the dining room.

I’ve got $600 in cash earmarked for a month’s rent on a furnished room, plus a deposit if necessary. I’m going to start looking for a place within a very few days.