A couple days ago, I got word through someone on Facebook that my cousin Barb was in the ICU at the hospital and in critical condition. Her son DJ reported she’d had a serious myocardial infarction (a form of heart attack) induced by medication reaction.

The day before, a guy who’s apparently a cousin of hers on her dad’s side (I’m her cousin on her mom’s) had posted that she was having chest pains along with arm numbness, and was at the ER.

She’s only 57 and I knew she’d been having some back problems, but in all the photos of herself she’s been posting, she looks really good for her age, really healthy and youthful.

I haven’t seen her since we were in high school together. She graduated about a year before I did, got married right after graduation, and moved out of state. A year later I heard she’d had a baby boy (Donnie a.k.a. DJ) whom I still have never met.

Yesterday it was reported she had regained consciousness in the hospital room and was confused — couldn’t remember anything since last Thursday. She did recognize her brother (my cousin Charlie) who had apparently traveled down to Texas to be with her.

Today she’s feeling better, still disoriented but memory’s coming back. She needs time to heal, though.

I’m of course hoping and praying that she makes a full recovery and is healthy once again, and lives a long time. Even though I don’t see her, I feel a closeness through our Facebook interaction. I don’t feel like losing anyone else right now.