No longer stuck.

Even though I’ve been flat broke for quite awhile, with only a paltry poverty-level income and debt up to my eyeballs, I’ve managed to keep up with my bills and maintain a good credit score.

And now it’s paying off. In five short months, I’ve gone from being totally maxed out on my credit cards to having nearly $9,000 of available credit open and ready for use.

I received my new credit card yesterday, issued by the bank where I just opened a new account less than two weeks ago. Just as my banker told me over the phone last week, they approved me for an $8,500 credit line… along with the option of doing a balance transfer at zero percent interest for twelve months.

I was going to use that balance transfer option to pay off another credit card that has a current balance of over $7,000 and a high interest rate, thus saving me some money, but now I’m thinking of using my new card for another purpose.

The new card also sent me a handful of checks I can use for any purpose I desire, also with a zero interest rate for twelve months (plus a one-time three percent fee). I could write myself a check for $3,600.00 and use the money to rent a furnished room somewhere in the area at $300 a month for an entire year if I chose, and get out of John’s house. Minimum monthly payments would only be $75, so it’s definitely doable.

I realize, of course, that this is not an ideal solution, and has the potential of getting me into a deeper hole over time, but this could tide me over until I’m ready to look for a job. I think getting out of John’s house needs to be my number one priority right now — for my own sanity — and this could be the ticket.

I’m not going to make any rash, hasty decisions, though. I’m going to sit on this for a while and let the Universe lead and direct me.

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  1. Just be careful. I used my credit cards to get by and eventually had to file for bankruptcy. Hope you find your own place soon!

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